"I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the opportunity that we have had over the past 8 years to work with the team at ProDIGIQ. During this time period, we have cooperated on several projects, and have always found them to be professional, courteous, and exceptionally talented. They have always gone above and beyond our expectations and provided quality products that they are willing to stand behind in every way. The transition in FID's operators was the smoothest I have experienced in my career. Our staff has been very happy with them, and would recommend them without reservation."

Bern E. Case, AAE

Airport Director

Rogue Valley International Airport

"The Prodigiq Part 139 reporting system is very user friendly, flexible and affordable. The custom program was easily adapted to our needs and requests for modifications are always taken care of quickly."

Cathryn Stephens, AAE

Assistant Airport Director, AIC

Eugene Airport

"Elmira Corning Regional Airport has been delighted with our relationship with ProDIGIQ since our initial contract for FIDS began in 2010. ProDIGIQ has demonstrated their commitment to customer service from initial system installation through changes in our air service. Their responsiveness to our needs allow ELM to be responsive to our passengers. In addition to the FIDS, ProDIGIQ has shown their understanding of the airport industry by developing new products which meet our needs. We are currently considering adding their Part 139 Self-inspection and Safety Management System products to our business. ProDIGIQ is a knowledgeable and trusted partner to ELM and to our industry."

Ann B. Crook, A.A.E.

Director of Aviation

Elmira Corning Regional Airport

"The team at ProDIGIQ has been great to work with. From initial setup, to ongoing support, they have been responsive and accommodating. Because of their experience at a variety of airports, they were able to quickly bring us online with the Part 139 Inspection and Wildlife Management Modules. Other modules were added later, including Training, Fuel Reporting, and the Operations Log Module. Their product and support has allowed us to efficiently move from paper based recordkeeping to a full digital solution. ProDIGIQ tailored modules to meet the needs of our particular airport, and brought ideas to the table to streamlining and improving processes at the airport. We appreciate the personal attention that the ProDIGIQ team provides to understanding our needs and seeking cost-effective solutions."

Lawrence J. Krauter, A.A.E., AICP

Chief Executive Officer

Spokane International Airport

"Valley International Airport is very pleased with the team at ProDIGIQ. They really worked with the airport to ensure that 139 inspection module was set up to meet all of our standards. The 139 inspection module that they specifically created for our airport is one of the most user friendly systems that I have ever seen. They did everything and kept it to a very reasonable and manageable cost to the airport. My staff and I are very happy with ProDIGIQ 139 inspection module and would recommend them to other airports to try out."

Bryan J. Wren A.A.E.

Assistant Director of Aviation

Valley International Airport

"Minneapolis had a very successful Notice of Violation system for our airfield drivers in place for over a decade. When it came time for replacement, the team at ProDIGIQ quickly went to work designing an updated and easy to use web-based system. The new NOV product provides a much greater level of detail and places everything we need to know about our compliance within easy to read reports and graphs. It would be hard to find a faster and more responsive team to work with. We look forward to future projects with ProDIGIQ."

Paul Sichko

Assistant Director of MSP Operations, Maintenance & Airside Operations

Minneapolis - St. Paul International Airport

"We have been very happy with the Self-Inspection Module developed and supported by ProDIGIQ. Although we are not a Part-139 Airport, we were looking for a product that would improve the recordkeeping and integrity of our airport inspection program, and this system has performed excellently.

The ProDIGIQ Team has been very helpful in making modifications to the template to meet our specific needs, and has shown a real interest to making sure we are pleased with the system."

Karl Von Hagel, A.A.E.

Airport Manager

Cobb County Airport

"We selected ProDIGIQ for several reasons, including their experience with similiar sized airports, their commitment to customer service, and the high quality of their product and we are very pleased with the finished product. Working with their team has been very easy and they are extremely responsive, responding to any questions or concerns within minutes rather than hours."

Terry L. Hart, ACE

President and CEO

Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport Authority

"The Burlington International Airport spent a lot of time evaluating different systems and companies for a web-based Field Condition Reporting system. We chose ProDIGIQ’s Ficon product because it could be tailored to our needs, it was easy to use and the cost was reasonable.

I am very happy with our choice. Arpit, David, Peter, Anita and the rest of the ProDIGIQ team delivered exactly the product we asked for and on schedule. The ProDIGIQ team checked in frequently once the product was delivered. Once we had been using the Ficon we realized the potential for customizing it further to suit our needs and ProDIGIQ has been more than willing to make changes to it.

None of our requests have been made to seem too trivial or impossible to engineer. I would recommend ProDIGIQ’s Ficon system to any airport. I am hopeful that we will be able to expand to other ProDIGIQ modules in the future."

Kelly Colling

Director of Operations

Burlington International Airport

"I wanted to let you know how pleased we are that we selected ProDIGIQ to provide the software needed to complete our airport self-inspections. The Part 139 Self Inspection module is fantastic. It is very easy to use and intuitive.

The maintenance department is clearly happy that it is tailored specifically to our airport and is not a one-fits-all approach. I am very satisfied in the training my staff received and the response to their follow up questions. I commend your product support team for their professionalism and subject knowledge. They respond quickly anytime there is a question or request to change items on the inspection module.

For the first time, I feel confident that our inspection process meets, if not exceeds, FAA requirements for airport self-inspections. I want to thank you for providing a much needed service to our industry."

Mike Shahan

Airport Director

North Texas Regional Airport

“We selected ProDIGIQ's Lease Management System (ProLMS) for the system's flexibility, price point and ease of use. ProDIGIQ's enterprise level solution is the most robust and intuitive system we have used. As a growing airport, our needs are evolving and ProLMS has delivered extremely well on our dynamic needs. ProDIGIQ offers a complete suite of systems to support all airside and landside processes. The great thing is that all ProDIGIQ systems are integrated and one login allows access to all systems. This facilitates real-time sharing of information and avoids duplication of efforts within departments. Most importantly, ProDIGIQ's customer service is unmatched. They make you feel as if you are their only airport client.”

Jon Stout, AAE, CAE

Airport Manager

Charles M. Schulz - Sonoma County Airport

"In all my years in this field, both in private and public sectors, I have not seen a company that comes close to ProDIGIQ for its innovative products and customer service. ProDIGIQ won the contract for the FIDS project for the new concourse at Long Beach Airport in August 2012. They were able to successfully deliver the required scope and additional scope ahead of schedule. All this was accomplished without any budget overruns. They truly are an extension of the airport’s team and have acted in our best interest at all times. I believe that ProDIGIQ is the only company that could have completed the FIDS and Network infrastructure by the 12-12-12 new concourse opening. ProDIGIQ’s can-do attitude and stellar customer service is exemplary.”

Mario Rodriguez


Long Beach Airport

“I highly recommend ProDIGIQ to handle any Airport’s mobile applications.  From the start of the process they knew exactly what our needs were and delivered on every expectation.  The real value comes through when an issue or question arises, they are a simple email or phone call away and the issue are promptly resolved.”

Rhonda Jorn

Marketing & PR Manager

Fresno Yosemite International Airport

"There is no doubt that the rapid growth of ProDIGIQ serves as testament to a company that listens well, understands airports’ issues clearly, and finds creative ways to meet real needs. That they have done so through innovative technology and stellar customer service only serves to punctuate this tremendous growth."

Greg Phillips, A.A.E.

Aviation Director

Eagle County Regional Airport

"ProDIGIQ has created a paradigm shift in the airport industry by creating affordable and user friendly technology solutions. We found that although they have many large airports as clients their product and service is very adaptable to airports of all sizes. ProDIGIQ provides a necessary service to small airports that has been difficult to find in the industry and they do it with a high level of customer service and professionalism that has earned them our respect and recommendation."

David Allen

Airport Manager

Pocatello Regional Airport

“I am very pleased with ProDIGIQ’s Operations Modules. It is very easy for my employees to use, FAA to check, reduces paperwork and provides the perfect format for storing and retrieving information.”

Richard Nuttall

Airport Manager

Telluride Airport

"I know we are not ProDIGIQ's only client, but ProDIGIQ made us feel we were.  With regard to Operations Management System, ProDIGIQ knew everything about our airport. Our calls and questions were addressed not only in language that we could understand, relating to the special programming inputs and notifications we were requesting, but just as important they were conveyed as if they were talking to long-time friends."

Brian Condie C.M.

Airport Director

Rifle-Garfield County Airport

“ProDIGIQ has helped South Bend Airport take the next step towards efficient operations. Airport Operations personnel are able to document field inspections and push work orders from the airfield on their tablet, saving the Operations Personnel a lot of time. ProDIGIQ has a very responsive customer service approach that allows us to make the product work for us. ProDIGIQ worked very closely with our team to make sure the final product did what we needed it to do.”

Mike Daigle, A.A.E.

Executive Director

South Bend Airport

“At the Bob Hope Airport, we recognize that technology not only provides a level of convenience and efficiency for our staff, but also an enhanced layer of safety that comes from information that is accurate and readily available at the touch of a button. When it came time to select a provider for such a solution, the choice was easy; ProDIGIQ was able to provide a solution that was both powerful and easy to use. What made ProDIGIQ’s solution stand out was the fact that it was not a “build-it-yourself” solution like some of the other providers we were looking at. ProDIGIQ from day one worked with us to get a solution that fit our unique needs at the Bob Hope Airport, yet it wasn’t a ground-up solution, but one that was built on the experiences and knowledge gained through providing solutions for other airports around the country. Another benefit of the ProDIGIQ solution is that as our needs change and as we think about the future possibilities that the ProDIGIQ solution can bring us, we are not locked into a solution that cannot adapt, but ProDIGIQ works side-by-side with us, adding enhancements and additional features that help us in our day-to-day operation. We have come to see ProDIGIQ as not just a solution provider, but as a partner that continues to work alongside us in our goal to be a state-of-the-art operation.”

Patti Clark, C.M., ACE

Airside Operations Manager

Bob Hope Airport

“The Airport Authority couldn’t be happier with its new mobile app designed by ProDIGIQ. Not only does it look great it also provides the information our customers need and want in a wonderfully organized and convenient fashion. The feedback has been extremely positive and we’re happy that we partnered with ProDIGIQ to make this happen. ProDIGIQ was great to work with as they understood the marketplace as well as our schedule and budget and exceeded our expectations. Their customer service is second to none and we look forward to continuing our relationship in the future. Thanks for helping us enhance our customer service through the mobile app! Great job!”

James Gill, A.A.E., IAP

Executive Vice President & CFO

Allegheny County Airport Authority (Pittsburgh International Airport)

“The Airport Operations staff has been very impressed with ProDIGIQ’s Operations Management modules. The assistance received from ProDIGIQ during implementation was second to none. ProDIGIQ did an excellent job of responding to requests for customization to make the module fit well within our processes. Our records maintenance has been greatly streamlined, and we have aggregate analytical data at our fingertips not previously available. I want to thank ProDIGIQ’s staff for a great product and first class customer service in assisting with customization and implementation."

Tracy C. Lincoln

Airport Operations Manager

Santa Barbara Airport

“Airport staff and our Board of Directors are impressed by the ability of ProDIGIQ to develop solutions to meet the needs of smaller airports. What started out as a simple contract for Real Time Flight Information quickly expanded to mobile apps, lease/contract and maintenance management systems, and SMS. We couldn’t be happier with the support and professionalism of the ProDIGIQ team."

Chris Hastert

General Manager

Santa Maria Public Airport District

“The ProDIGIQ team has hit a home run with its products for airports. The various Airport Operations Management System Modules are a very effective tool for airports as they work to meet requirements under Federal Aviation Regulations. I am very happy with the product and the excellent customer service that ProDIGIQ offers."

Jeff Bilyeu, AAE

Aviation Director

Texas Gulf Coast Regional Airport

“Installing innovative and cost effective IT solutions for airport customer service, security and operations has been an ongoing focus of the Gainesville Regional Airport. ProDIGIQ has provided us a reliable, flexible and cost effective FIDS and flight tracker solution. They understood our needs and worked well with airport staff, our Website designer and local IT Vendor. ProDIGIQ’s superior customer service and commitment to getting the job done right has earned them a position of trust with our Airport."

Allan J. Penksa, AAE

Chief Executive Officer

Gainesville Regional Airport

“From the first meeting with ProDIGIQ to discuss the options available with their lease management software, we were impressed by their willingness to put in the effort to understand our operations. Their software has helped us bring together, in one place, information on our leased facilities that was previously scattered about in various programs, spreadsheets and paper files. Their staff is always very professional and easy to work with. The customizations they have implemented for us have made the lease management system a valuable tool that we use on a daily basis to operate our business."

Jane E. Dykstra

Director of Finance and Administration

Truckee Tahoe Airport

“From the start, our business relationship with ProDIGIQ has been extremely positive experience consisting of excellent customer service and exceptional products. For instance, the team at ProDIGIQ took the time to devise a Flight Information Display System that is perfectly tailored for our airport. They got it right - not by making decisions solely by reviewing a set of drawings. Rather, ProDIGIQ took the time to visit BGM, walk the premises, and make recommendations based on site observation. They then took the time to discuss the intricacies of their system with me and my staff while all along taking our feedback into consideration before the final system was implemented.

In addition, ProDIGIQ’s post installation service has been outstanding. Response to our questions and requests regarding our system has been timely and helpful. Furthermore, their team takes the time to follow through to make sure all program fixes remain intact.

Lastly, I just want to add that the ProDIGIQ product has been well received by the community. I regularly hear from our travelers how impressed they are with the new FIDS system. I can confidently say that the new FIDS helps to create a more pleasant airport experience for our customers.”

Carl R. Beardsley, Jr.

Commissioner of Aviation

Greater Binghamton Airport

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