Khash Goshtasbi

University of California, Los Angeles
Software Engineer Intern, 2017

  • Tell us something about yourself.
    • I have always been interested in the field of technology and how our generation revolves all around it. I try to immerse myself in this field on a daily basis so I can learn how to implement change in the world and see the results of my self-expression all around me. I also love to read and try to learn something new every day, usually in the fields of technology, business, or self-improvement. I also love to spend quality time with family and friends, and I am a big fan of outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, and going to the beach.

  • Why did you decide to do an internship at ProDIGIQ?
    • After doing some research about the company and talking to the recruiters at the UCLA career fair, I realized that ProDIGIQ is growing competitively in the aviation field, and it will provide me with the opportunity to realize my classroom-learned technical and engineering skills in a practical manner and contribute to the efficiency of the company.

  • Tell us a little bit about your internship.
    • As a Software Engineer Intern, I was given an independent project with specific weekly tasks. The main part of my internship was working on an airport’s website. I was able to customize the website and make it more user friendly. I also learned about the different plugins and implemented them into the website resulting in a more attractive and professional interface.

  • What was the best part of your internship?
    • One of the best things about my experience at ProDIGIQ was t¬he great people that I met, and how everyone was so professional and knowledgeable yet also kind and helpful. The second thing that made this experience invaluable was the fact that my work was acknowledged and valued. My hard work never went unnoticed and that gave me a true sense of accomplishment and gratitude.

  • What was a typical day like during your internship?
    • I would arrive a few minutes early, turn on my computer, and grab some morning snacks as I go over the weekly task sheet. Based on what I had accomplished the previous day, I would plan out the day and start working on my project. If I ever had any problems with the website that I was working on, I would politely ask another engineer. Every person at ProDIGIQ was always kind enough to help. After working for a few hours, I would take a lunch break with the rest of the team and we would all enjoy lunch in the conference room. Most days, depending on the weather, we would take a walk after lunch. After the quick refreshing walk, we would all get back to work and finish the day strong.

  • How did the internship at ProDIGIQ help you in your professional development?
    • During my experience at ProDIGIQ, aside from improving my technical skills, I was able to improve my professional skills as well. ProDIGIQ provided me with a real work environment, and the personal tasks that were given to me gave me a true sense of responsibility. Since my hard work was valued and acknowledged, I was committed to learn more and improve my contribution, whether it was by acquiring new skills or enhancing the existing skills I already had.

  • What advice do you have for students who are considering an internship at ProDIGIQ?
    • Interning at ProDIGIQ is a great opportunity for personal and professional growth and the assigned projects greatly impact your technical skills. Some aspects of your weekly tasks may be easy and some may be more difficult. Use your analytical thinking skills to tackle the problems and do not be afraid to learn from mistakes and strive for bettering your work every day. Have confidence in your hard work and know that there is great friendship and mentorship right around you to assist with not only the project, but also an amazing overall experience at ProDIGIQ.

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