Permit Management Module


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Module Details

The Permit Management Module provides a platform with an intuitive interface that enhances permit issuance and inspection processes. The Module provides capabilities for applicants to apply for a variety of different permits, such as construction, transportation and more, while additionally providing workflows for the issuance, inspection and enforcement of these permits. Being an end-to-end solution, the Module covers submission of the application, to making payments and to issuance and inspection. Additionally, the Module is mobile responsive allowing airport personnel to capture information, conduct inspections and receive alerts, in the field, through the use of any mobile devices. In addition to automating these processes, the Module provides robust reporting and querying capabilities as well as in depth data analytics and graphical dashboards which will display relevant KPIs and SPIs.

Module Overview

  • Manage a variety of different permits such as construction, transportation and more
  • Advanced built-in search capability with default and customizable options
  • In depth data analytics dashboard with drill down capabilities
  • Extensive reporting capabilities including standard and custom options

Key Benefits

  • Electronic signature capability for verification and acceptance of various activities
  • Configurable automatic alerting capabilities
  • Seamless integration across all modules and systems

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