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Portal Details

ProDIGIQ’s Tenant Portal provides airports with a tool that allows for streamlined tenant compliance and an enhanced lease application process. Through the Tenant Portal, current tenants will be able to submit a variety of required airport compliance data/documents such as submitting monthly/quarterly sales reports, submitting updated insurance certificates, renewing their leases as well as paying their rent, utilities and any other associated fees. In addition to allowing tenants to submit payments/data/documents, the Tenant Portal will also provide automatic alerting capabilities to alert tenants of upcoming and due compliances as well as alert the airport when tenants have submitted information.

The Tenant Portal also provides an efficient and enhanced lease application process from advertisement of a property, submission of a lease application all the way through to creation of a lease. The Tenant Portal provides a public facing map and interface which provides prospective tenants with the ability to view all information regarding available properties, submit applications, communicate with the airport and more. Utilizing the airport's business rules, the Tenant Portal will also incorporate an application approval process which covers payment capabilities and the ability to upload documents and information needed for evaluation of the application. For a fully streamlined lease management process, the Tenant Portal is also fully integrated with ProDIGIQ’s Lease Management System (MYKONOS).

Portal Overview

  • Fully streamlined tenant compliance through Tenant Portal
  • Enhanced and comprehensive lease application process
  • Full integration with MYKONOS for further enhanced efficiencies

Key Benefits

  • Automated alerts inform the appropriate stakeholders of information uploaded by tenants
  • Consolidate the entire application and lease management process into one system
  • Prospective tenants can apply for available properties in the Tenant Portal
  • Current tenants can pay their rent, upload updated documents, and submit required reports in the Tenant Portal
  • Optional website widget allows for available properties to be displayed in a map/grid view on airport’s website

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