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Module Details

The Crew Scheduling Module provides an intuitive platform for airline pilots and crew members to view their schedules, awarded vacation and all other bids. The module also provides them with the capability to bid on open lines and request sick/fatigue time. All historical information regarding their schedules and requests will be tracked and easily accessible for reference. The module will also allow for airlines to see information regarding duty hours, timesheets, pilot schedules, flights and on call availability.

Module Overview

  • Allows crew to view schedules, awarded vacation and other bids while also managing shift cover requests and applications to pick-up open shifts
  • Upload and manage flights inline regarding delays, cancellations, reassignments and additions
  • Manage payroll and timesheets within system
  • Manage scheduled vs actual flown pilot/crew duty hours
  • Integrated with all other modules in the system

Key Benefits

  • Drive efficiency and reduce crew costs by creating and managing resilient crew schedules that withstand day-of operations changes
  • Automatic alerts at the individual and managerial level for various business thresholds
  • Generate automatic reports for various KPIs related to crew scheduling
  • Proactive assistance in covering open lines/shifts
  • Integration to FAA electronic record-keeping
  • Automated scheduling of training events and subsequent changing of master pilot schedule

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