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Module Details

The Crew Quals Module provides a platform for airlines to track information regarding their crew members as well as allow for the creation of shift pick-up incentive programs. Through the use of an intuitive user interface, the module tracks various information for crew members including: crew qualifications, contact information, training records, medical information, seniority and more. The incentive programs can be configured by the user within the system to allow for the creation of a variety of programs which will incentivize pilots and crew members to pick up unassigned shifts. The module also provides high-level analytics to see various important information and alerts.

Module Overview

  • Track crew member information such as status, qualifications, contact information, training records and seniority in one place
  • Manage and create multiple incentive programs with a variety of rules and parameters
  • Track and visualize where crew members are stationed at any given time
  • Integrated with all other modules in the system

Key Benefits

  • Increased transparency of crew qualification and seniority
  • Automatic alerts at the individual and managerial level for various business thresholds
  • Automatic alerts of disqualifications due to training compliance
  • Well managed incentive programs encourage shift pick-ups
  • High level analytics provide user with insight for data-driven decision making

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