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Module Details

ProDIGIQ's Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) Management System, PATMOS, includes the ARFF Daily Log Module which provides an intuitive platform for the management of an airport’s daily ARFF logs and streamlines operational communications. The ARFF Daily Log Module provides an overview of daily ARFF activities completed, such as fire drills, ARFF inspections, and hydrant flow tests. The ARFF Daily Log Module retains records of all previously submitted daily logs so that airports can easily retrieve that information for reference at any time. The ARFF Daily Log Module's Dashboard provides an overview of pending items as well as a list of available staff for ad-hoc task assignment. The dashboard includes a Notice Board for users to quickly share any updates. The ARFF Daily Log Module's built-in shift calendar streamlines shift management, allowing airport supervisors to add and edit shifts by personnel or date with the ability to add any comments to shifts.

Module Overview

  • Intuitive interface for managing airport’s daily ARFF logs
  • Enhanced communication through automatic sharing of daily ARFF activities and critical information to relevant stakeholders
  • Standard and custom reporting capabilities to easily retrieve and export historical daily ARFF log information
  • Integrated with all other modules in the system

Key Benefits

  • Streamlined shift management for ARFF personnel with built-in calendar
  • Automatic alerting capabilities
  • Dashboard overview of pending items and available personnel for ad-hoc task assignment
  • Notice Board to post quick updates

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Additional Subject Information

Airport ARFF departments are tasked with several critical responsibilities. ARFF personnel conduct ARFF inspections, fire drills, hydrant flow tests and other critical activities on a daily basis. It is crucial for airports to maintain meticulous records of all ARFF activities completed for operational transparency and accountability. A manual process to track all ARFF activities is ineffective, laborious and time consuming. A comprehensive ARFF management system can provide a centralized repository of all ARFF activities. An ARFF management system allows airports to quickly identify and assign pending tasks to ensure that all ARFF activities are completed.

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