Safety Management System (RHODES)


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Operational Efficiency

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System Details

ProDIGIQ's airport Safety Management System (RHODES) helps airports increase employee, passenger and tenant safety. ProDIGIQ's airport SMS solutions efficiently track hazards, incidents, accidents and citations in real-time to provide safety related data to the airport staff. The intuitive web portal, simple graphical interface and hands-on training quickly enables users to become proficient at using and understanding RHODES.

A completely modular system, ProDIGIQ's airport SMS solutions enable easy submission of hazards, incidents, accidents and citations. The investigation module allows the airport to record new investigations, report findings and share the investigation results in real-time. ProDIGIQ's SMS system has been developed by studying the lessons learned from FAA's SMS pilot studies at airports. ProDIGIQ's airport SMS solutions meet the ICAO, OSHA and FAA standards.

Module Overview

  • Hazard, Incident, Accident and Citation Module: Submit events for recording and monitoring
  • Investigation Module: Assign investigation personnel and record findings
  • Dashboard Module: Real-time visibility of SMS data and Key Performance Indicators
  • Reporting Module: Custom generate reports for audit and FAA compliance

Key Benefits

  • Increase airport safety by proactively detecting and addressing safety issues
  • Reduce insurance, staffing and legal costs related to airport safety
  • Improve compliance with FAA, ICAO and OSHA standards

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