Notice of Violation System (ITHACA)


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System Details

ITHACA provides an end-to-end solution spanning the enforcement, administration, accounting, and legal aspects of violations. Officers can issue violations from the office or in the field using desktop or mobile devices, chalk vehicles, and receive alerts when the chalk time has elapsed. ITHACA includes a portal to allow for payment of fines, submitting an appeal, and tracking the status of an appeal. Access to the system can be defined by role or department, whether it is officers issuing violations, legal processing appeals, accounting tracking payment of fines, or administration seeing trends and insights from issued citations. The system automatically generates letters based on the airport’s business process for the issuance of the citation, appeals resolution, and suspension or revocation of badges.

ITHACA Overview

  • Automated process for issuing violations, tracking appeals and collecting fines
  • Ability to record actions taken to remedy the security vulnerabilities arising from violations
  • Automatic email notification to key personnel regarding violations issued and actions taken
  • Dashboard analytics with real-time data on citations, suspended or revoked badges, and companies
  • Integrate with airport badging system to obtain violator information, and parking system to get vehicle information from permits
  • Integrate portal with payment processing gateway such as PayPal for timely and seamless collection of fines
  • Integrate with state motor vehicles department to obtain car registration information for unattended vehicles

Key Benefits

  • Automated response actions for airport-specific point systems, fines, escalation for repeat offenses, retraining, and badge suspensions or revocations
  • Advanced search capability to quickly retrieve historic citation information by name, license plate, company, driver, badge and vehicle permit
  • Store unlimited documents, photos and videos related to violations and appeals
  • Drill-down capability to quickly identify and report on individuals and companies with repeat offenses

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Additional Subject Information

A Notice of Violation (NOV) is a citation issued by an Airport for violations of any rules, regulations and laws governing the Airport. The purpose of an NOV is to initiate a corrective action. An airport can do this in a variety of ways, such as suspending badges, requiring training, issuing fines, and/or initiating legal action, depending on the severity of the infraction, up to revocation of badge access. Not all airports issue fines with associated NOVs, but the issuance of a fine is used as a type of corrective action that helps to dissuade violators from repeating that same violation due to the consequence issued.

NOVs can be issued to Passengers as well as Vendor, Airline, and Airport Personnel. Some examples of NOVs include vehicle or aircraft parking infractions, expired or revoked badge usage, permit violations and security violations.

A NOV system allows an airport to issue and track NOVs efficiently. With a NOV system in place, airports can visualize citation data to see trends by vendors, locations and other key performance indicators. Additionally, a Notice of Violation system can help airport stakeholders gain operational insights which can help improve the overall safety and security of the airport

Benefits to NOV Software

  • Easily retrieve record of issued citations, corrective actions initiated, and badge holder status
  • Conduct trend analysis with insightful data analytics of common issues
  • Increase the percentage of fines paid due to streamlined violator payment process
  • Facilitate communication between issuers, violators and stakeholders

Signs That an Airport Needs NOV Software

  • Difficulty in enforcing airport ordinances
  • Unpaid citations go unnoticed
  • Unable to pull citation records by name, vendor, location and repeat offenders
  • Cumbersome process for citation issuance, tracking and appeals
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