ProDIGIQ systems and modules work across all platforms and devices, enabling you to work in the way that is best for you.


All our products work off the cloud, allowing them to be synchronized and always available across all devices.

Operational Efficiency

Our systems are synced through the cloud, meaning reports won't be duplicated or missed and they can be worked on simultaneously.

System Details

ProDIGIQ's SKYROS is a completely configurable, integrated and scalable airport Flight Information Display System (FIDS). ProDIGIQ's airport FIDS system is easy-to-read and is customized to blend with the airport architecture. While providing most accurate real-time information, the system comes with a flight portal for making last minute gate changes or overriding real-time flight data feeds easier.

ProDIGIQ's FIDS system is a maintenance-free and completely managed system. It relieves the airport of maintaining the Multi User Flight Information Display System (MUFIDS). SKYROS is the preferred choice for airports that don't want to allocate in-house resources to maintain the MUFIDS. ProDIGIQ's FIDS is capable of handling all legacy and low-cost carriers. ProDIGIQ's airport FIDS system is also unique as it provides an untapped advertising revenue stream while providing airports an efficient and seamless means to market to their passengers directly.

Module Overview

  • Flight Portal Module: Allows agents to override real-time flight information
  • Visual Paging/Emergency Messaging Module: Store and transmit pages and critical messages
  • Landing Fee Management Module: Automated reporting of landing fee revenues
  • Advertising/Marketing Module: Enhance airport ad revenues and market airport assets

Key Benefits

  • Highest data accuracy as airport flight information is integrated from multiple data sources
  • Lowest cost of ownership with maintenance free system and all SW/HW upgrades
  • Lowest operating cost as SKYROS has highest energy rating and automatically goes in sleep mode during non-operational hours

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