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Operational Efficiency

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System Details

ProDIGIQ’s Quality Management System (KEROS) is a comprehensive, aviation exclusive platform for the management of quality programs. KEROS provides an intuitive platform that allows users to schedule and conduct audits, inspections and other Quality Management processes for the management and mitigation of non-compliances. The System allows organizations to mitigate non-compliances by assigning Corrective Actions to reported Findings and providing a closed loop process to ensure completion and verification of Corrective Actions. KEROS includes state-of-the-art features such as the ability to share audits with third-parties, offline submission capabilities, robust user settings and more. With KEROS’ comprehensive data-analytics and advanced reporting, KEROS also provides organizations with the information needed to make data-driven decisions.

KEROS Overview

  • End-to-end aviation specific Quality Management solution
  • KEROS provides capabilities to conduct and schedule all Quality Management process including but not limited to audits, inspections and evaluations
  • KEROS includes a closed loop Corrective Action process for mitigation of non-compliances

Key Benefits

  • Dynamic dashboard with drill-down capabilities to deliver urgent information, key scheduling items, and relevant statistics
  • Schedule recurring Quality Management processes such as audits with automated alerts to be sent to the appropriate stakeholders with actionable information, such as due dates
  • Provide third-party vendors with limited access to particular audits for completion within KEROS
  • Conduct audits, inspections and evaluations on a mobile device utilizing KEROS’ mobile responsive and intuitive interface as well as mobile app

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Additional Subject Information

Quality Management Systems (QMS) primarily focus on customers, operational quality and business objectives. QMS programs are focused on making an organization efficient, and maximizing its integrity in terms of providing quality services/products to customers. QMS programs mainly focus inward with the aim of continuous improvement of operation processes in order to deliver products/services that define the organization's mission appropriately.

Benefits of Quality Management Software

  • Streamlined communication with the utilization of automated alerts
  • Ability to work collaboratively on Quality Management processes internally and with third-party vendors
  • Logical and clear association of Findings with audits, inspections or evaluations they came from

Signs That Quality Mangement Software is Needed

  • Unable to easily link associated Corrective Actions and Findings together
  • Closing the loop on Corrective Actions and deploying effective mitigation strategies is difficult
  • Process of generating reports or KPIs is time consuming
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