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Operational Efficiency

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Platform Details

The ProSafeT solution is the best-in-class Safety Management System (SMS) and ASAP platform that covers all business lines including: scheduled service, charter operations, cargo operations, ground handling and MRO. ProSafeT includes SMS and audits in entirety with complete workflow and sharing of data between the audits and SMS which allows for seamless interconnectivity between departments.

The platform has been developed with cutting edge technology. The user will be able to access linked reports from various employee groups. With automatic updates in place, ProSafeT will capture and distribute user-friendly and real-time actionable information, while proactively detecting and addressing safety issues. Through different modules, the user will be able to monitor all safety concerns in one place, with real-time visibility of SMS data and key performance indicators.

ProSafeT Modules

ProSafeT Overview

  • Safety reporting, from initial creation of report through to facilitation of associated meetings to address safety concerns with Corrective Actions and Recommendations
  • Management of Audits, Evaluations, Investigations and Inspections that can be associated with respective Findings, Corrective Actions and Recommendations
  • Safety Risk Assessment (SRA) management to identify, assess and mitigate operational and organizational risks
  • Change management control for easy identification of changes in key documents/safety manuals from version to version
  • Cross-linking capability between all elements of the platform

Key Benefits

  • Reduce operational costs and increase regulatory and business compliances
  • Reduce labor with automated operational processes and easy-to-access record keeping
  • Improve airline safety by being able to proactively detect and fully address safety issues
  • Intuitive interface allows for streamlined management of the entire SMS process

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Additional Subject Information

The FAA’s final rule required most U.S. commercial airlines to have an implemented Safety Management System (SMS) by March 2018. There are many systems which allow the automation of SMS’ four key components – safety policy, safety risk management, safety promotion, and safety assurance – but distinguishing which features/functions are most needed to automate this critical operation can be difficult. In the sea of features SMS vendors provide, three features are crucial to maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of an automated SMS. Intuitiveness, unlimited licenses and analytics/easy report generating are three things an airline must consider when looking for a holistic SMS software solution.


Simply because a process has been digitized, does not guarantee that it will be more efficient. A user-friendly SMS platform will provide intuitive navigation for end users which will maximize operational efficiencies. By reducing the number of clicks it takes to perform tasks in a system, an intuitive platform will enhance productivity and can lower labor costs.

Unlimited Licenses

Limiting licenses leads to limited results. Unlimited licenses allow all stakeholders to have reporting access. With everyone being able to report through the system even the smallest safety issues will not slip through the cracks, increasing the safety promotion element of SMS. Additionally, this creates a more holistic view of every issue as all of those who witnessed it will be able to access and complete the necessary reports, feeding further into the safety culture of the organization.

Analytics and Easy Report Generating

The most significant part of automating SMS is using the data. A system with analytics will allow translation of SMS Data into insight that enables airlines to identify problems and make informed decisions for the future. This leads to a strong safety culture and makes it easy to deal in accident prevention.

Elements of Holistic SMS Software

  • Launch Investigations and SRAs directly from safety reports/events
  • Link reports/events to investigations/SRAs to eliminate duplication of efforts and increase organizational transparency
  • Associate Corrective Actions, Findings and Recommendations easily and perform risk assessment at every stage
  • Entire safety process consolidated in one system

Signs That a Holistic SMS Solution is Needed

  • Deficiency in data sharing due to data being stored in different silos
  • Closing the loop on corrective actions and deploying an effective mitigation strategy is difficult
  • Unable to tie relevant safety information together in one place
  • Lack of trending capabilities for different departments in a central location
  • Process of generating reports or KPIs is time consuming
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