Mobile Apps: The New Solution to Public Demand

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Mobile apps have evolved drastically in use throughout the years. Transitioning in focus from entertainment, to social media, to the current wide range of every-day solutions, mobile apps have become the primary means of access to information and communication for the public.

According to a Pew Research survey, smartphone usage has skyrocketed from a miniscule 35% of Americans owning a smartphone in 2011 to an overwhelming 77% today. Given the surge in need for smart technology, it is no wonder the Aviation industry is scrambling to keep up with the demand.

As reported by the Air Transportation technology company SITA, nearly 90% of airports worldwide are either demoing trials for a mobile app or committing to a mobile app project of their own within the next few years.

Not only is the Aviation industry seeking solutions through mobile apps, but its customers are too. Chances are that if you have ever been an airline passenger, you have experienced flight delays, inaccessibility to amenity information, or unexpected obstructions at an airport. For many passengers, these are all too common occurrences that most wish there was a way to avoid.

There is a solution! An example of an airport joining the forefront of the mobile revolution is T.F. Green (PVD), whose mobile app was released to the public in April 2018 as a way to address these issues and improve the airport experience for the passenger.

Featured on the NBC 10 television station for Rhode Island, the new PVD app was described by T.F. Green’s Chief Technology Officer Randy Costa as an “ease of experience” that makes sure passengers have everything they need while visiting. Seeking to improve the passenger experience, this new mobile app provides parking and amenity information, a flight information tracker, and the capability for airport personnel to post real-time public service announcements.

Using the intuitive parking portal, the user can easily access parking information such as cost and location, making parking easily manageable. With the flight information tracker, the PVD app offers the ability to track a flight’s expected arrival time and find out whether a flight is running late, has departed, or has arrived – all from the palm of your hand. From the amenities screen, information about the Airport’s restaurants, service booths, and gift shops are made easily accessible. Plus, directions to everything are provided to the user precisely from their location to their destination.

Mobile apps are the next generation of connectedness in a technologically changing world, and airports like T.F. Green all across the country are taking steps to improve airline communication, information availability, and ease of travel for the customer.

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