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Streamlining through Software: Wildlife Management

Mon Jun 20 2016

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For many airports, the management of wildlife is a difficult process to tame. Wildlife is often unpredictable and can cause unexpected issues. The act of reporting wildlife activity, hazards, and strikes can be time-consuming and require a great deal of paperwork. Keeping these forms organized and up to date with FAA requirements and inspections can also be costly. To modernize and improve their approach to Wildlife Management, airports should aim to utilize software to automate their Wildlife Management process.

There are numerous benefits of automating the process of Wildlife Management. An intuitive software solution that can fully automate the area of Wildlife Management will have a positive effect on an airport’s operations. A solution created and implemented with this purpose in mind will increase efficiency, eliminate manual paper processes, and intelligently analyze wildlife data. The use of these abilities also strengthens the compliance of the Wildlife Management team of any airport.

Increasing efficiency in the area of Wildlife Management is the clearest benefit of a software solution. A solution that has the capability for a staff member to log wildlife activity and strikes from any device while on the airfield is key for this improvement. This process enables a digital wildlife report to be filled out and uploaded upon completion, allowing authorized staff members to view the report immediately and take necessary action. This level of communication and accountability increases transparency and staff awareness. The ability to archive and access these reports is also crucial. This feature allows relevant staff members and inspectors to easily review these reports at any time. These features bring about a major increase in efficiency for the entire Wildlife Management process at an airport.

The digital reports built into Wildlife Management software also allow for the elimination of the current manual paperwork. A software solution that can convert all existing forms used for Wildlife Management to digital forms helps smooth the transition into a digital environment. It is important to that the digital forms are a representation of the existing forms — a software solution for Wildlife Management should replicate the existing forms of the airport, rather than forcing it to change. A solution that can achieve this will eliminate the paperwork that comes with Wildlife Management while keeping the current Wildlife Management processes of the airport intact.

An innovative software solution that seeks to automate an airport’s Wildlife Management processes must add value in the area of tracking and analyzing wildlife data. With digital forms, an airport manager or inspector is easily able to view reports at any time. Including analytics brings the added benefit of showing patterns and insights that go beyond the reports. With this data, airport staff are able to make more informed decisions regarding their approach to Wildlife Management and even utilize this data in updating their Wildlife Hazard Management Plan.

Combined, these factors create a strong case for the utilization of Wildlife Management software. It is clear that through the use of innovative, intuitive software, Wildlife Management is a beast that can be managed.

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