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Airport Management Software Helps Airports Adapt to COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly impacted the vast majority of industries worldwide, with the aviation sector suffering one of the biggest blows. Mandatory quarantine and social distancing measures have greatly disrupted air travel as some airports report a 95% reduction in passenger traffic. In addition, airports are having to limit the number of onsite personnel, adding further complications in managing day-to-day operations. To help sustain operations, airports have found the use of Airport Management Software (AMS) to be critical during this global outbreak. With AMS solutions, airports have been able to maximize their limited personnel and resources as well as provide a tool to allow for remote collaboration on airport business.

To maintain efficient operations, airports are utilizing AMS solutions to manage property, safety, maintenance, airside operations and other critical processes. As some airport personnel continue to work remotely, AMS solutions provide the capability to easily retrieve and/or submit documents/forms from anywhere using a mobile phone, laptop, tablet or any other internet-enabled device. This has been crucial in maintaining efficient operations as airport personnel easily access and submit airport data while they work remotely. Furthermore, airports are maintaining effective communication as they are able to automatically share pertinent data through automated alerting and real-time analytics dashboards. An additional area where AMS solutions have helped during this crisis is in optimizing utilization of an airport’s aircraft parking stands. Research shows that 62% of passenger jets worldwide have been grounded, leaving airports with complex aircraft parking challenges. Utilizing AMS, airports have been able to quickly and efficiently optimize use of their aircraft parking spaces. These solutions have provided the capability of enhancing the visibility of aircraft parking spots as well as help utilize airport facilities to the fullest.

With the various benefits that AMS solutions provide, airports have been able to sustain their operations with their limited resources and personnel. Although the global pandemic has greatly disrupted the day-to-day operations of airports worldwide, airports have luckily been able to get through this difficult time through leveraging AMS.

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