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Training Management System

Training Tracking Module

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Module Details

ProDIGIQ's Training Management System, TILOS, includes the Training Tracking Module which provides a centralized repository of all airport personnel training records for effective management of regulatory compliance. The Training Tracking Module captures training requirements and records for all departments at an airport including Operations, Maintenance, Properties, Security, etc. Airports can assign training courses to personnel and track course progress and associated exam scores. The Training Content Module increases transparency and communication by automatically notifying relevant stakeholders of assigned trainings, upcoming trainings, expiring trainings, incomplete trainings, etc. to hold personnel accountable for airport training compliance. Airport supervisors and administrators have the ability to view real-time status of airport training progress as well as discrepancies for all departments via customized dashboard analytics, further increasing accountability and transparency of airport training compliance. With the Module's extensive reporting capabilities, airport supervisors can export data for upcoming training, incomplete training, and expiring training.

  1. Centralized repository of all training records
  2. Dashboard analytics for at-a-glance view of training compliance, deadlines, future required training, etc.
  3. Built-in search feature for quick search and advanced search with definable parameters
  4. Reporting capability for upcoming training appointments, incomplete or missing training appointments, etc.
  1. Comprehensive airport training compliance tracking
  2. Extensive departmental and individual employee reporting capabilities
  3. Built-in intelligence to associate specific trainings with airport departments and roles
  4. Automatic email alerting feature to notify stakeholders of upcoming scheduled trainings

Additional Subject Information

Airports manage various departments that perform different functions. Airports are responsible for not only administering training, but also tracking training compliance for each individual employee and department to ensure that personnel have the necessary resources to perform their duties effectively. Airports conduct initial training and recurring training to keep personnel trained on the most recent requirements and practices. A comprehensive airport training software can streamline training tracking by allowing airports to maintain all training records in a central location. Airport training software can be a valuable tool for airports to easily identify discrepancies in training compliance and hold personnel accountable. Airport training software with automatic alerting capabilities can enhance organizational transparency and efficiency.

From general aviation airports and regional carriers to large hub airports and major airlines, hundreds of organizations trust ProDIGIQ for their aviation needs.

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