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Training Management System

Training Content Module

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Module Details

ProDIGIQ's Training Management System, TILOS, includes the Training Content Module which allows airports to create training courses and associated exams within the module. Airports can create specific training courses for all departments, including Operations, Maintenance, Properties, Security, etc. Course instructors have the ability to upload any supplemental material, such as presentation slides or PDF documents. Course instructors can create exams with various question formats, such multiple choice or fill in the blank, set a time limit for completion of exams, and denote a threshold for the passing percentage. The Training Content Module’s flexible architecture supports effective management of airport training courses and exams, allowing course instructors to easily adjust content as needed to ensure that it reflects the airport's evolving requirements.

  1. Maintain a central repository of all airport training content
  2. Develop and refine airport training courses for all departments
  3. Create exams for courses to gauge personnel comprehension of requirements
  1. Define time restrictions and passing percentages for exams
  2. Refine airport training courses and exams as needed to ensure compliance with airport-specific and FAA-mandated training requirements
  3. Archive any airport training courses and exams

Additional Subject Information

Airports manage various departments that perform different functions. Airports must deliver comprehensive training that provides personnel with the necessary resources to perform their duties effectively. To achieve this, airports must develop training courses that capture all airport-specific requirements as well as FAA-mandated requirements. Airports conduct initial training and recurring training to keep personnel trained on the most recent requirements and practices. Some airports may deliver in-person instruction and create new courses for every training session. A comprehensive airport training software can automate training by allowing airports to administer virtual training. Airports can create various courses for all departments on their training management system, such as Airport Familiarization, Airport Emergency Plan, ARFF Training, Part 139 Training, GASB 87 Training, and Operations and Maintenance Training. Training software can be a valuable tool for airports to easily adjust existing training content to reflect the evolving industry requirements and practices. Airport training software will eliminate duplication of efforts as it allows for storage of all training courses and exams for future use. Airport training software allows airports to deliver comprehensive training while reducing manual labor and time spent delivering in-person instruction.

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