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Training Management System

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System Details

ProDIGIQ's Training Management System, TILOS, provides a fully integrated and comprehensive airport training software to track and manage all training compliance. TILOS completely automates airport training processes by allowing trainers to create and track training courses and exams. TILOS includes advanced alerting capabilities to provide airport personnel with advance notice for upcoming, overdue and expired trainings. TILOS captures training requirements and records for all departments at an airport including Operations, Maintenance, Properties, Security, etc. Airports can gain advanced insight with dashboard analytics and view real-time status of employee training, training compliance discrepancies, and high-level employee training records. All TILOS modules are fully integrated, allowing airports to maintain a central repository of all training content and associated completion records.

  1. Centralized repository of all training courses and associated records
  2. Dashboard analytics for at-a-glance view of training compliance
  3. Advanced search capability with default and customizable search fields
  4. Reporting capability for grading, incomplete or missing training, upcoming training appointments, etc.
  1. Automatic notification to relevant stakeholders of upcoming training, expiring training, incomplete training, etc.
  2. Extensive departmental and individual employee reporting capabilities
  3. Built-in intelligence to associate specific trainings with airport departments and roles
  4. Streamlined airport training processes for ensuring compliance

Additional Subject Information

Airports manage various departments that perform different functions. Developing and maintaining training programs that ensure all personnel are given the tools to perform their duties effectively is a primary focus of airports. A manual process to capture all training records and compliance is laborious, time-consuming and ineffective. A comprehensive airport training software can streamline training tracking and compliance for all airport departments. Training software can be a valuable tool for airports for internal training requirements as well as FAA mandated training, such as Part 139. An airport training management system is key to ensuring compliance and enhancing operational efficiency.

  1. Increase transparency of training records and compliance
  2. Develop courses to fit airport compliance needs
  3. Manage grading criteria to meet airport and compliance needs
  1. Difficulty tracking employee training compliance
  2. Unable to easily retrieve training records, resulting in missed and expired trainings
  3. Unable to manage courses to meet the evolving airport and industry compliance requirements

From general aviation airports and regional carriers to large hub airports and major airlines, hundreds of organizations trust ProDIGIQ for their aviation needs.

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