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Safety Management System

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System Details

ProDIGIQ’s Safety Management System, ProSafeT, is a comprehensive safety and risk management system that covers all four pillars of SMS, helping airports increase employee, passenger, and tenant safety. ProSafeT allows airports to capture and distribute real-time, actionable information, while proactively detecting and addressing safety concerns. ProSafeT facilitates submission of safety reports and provides a streamlined workflow for processing submissions, investigations, risk analysis, and root cause analysis. With ProSafeT, airports can efficiently track essential safety data, including hazards, incidents, and accidents in real-time for prompt mitigation. The analytics dashboard provides visualization of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and real-time, actionable data. Automatic email alerts notify users of real-time, actionable data.

ProSafeT's modular platform allows airports to monitor all safety concerns in a central location with real-time visibility of SMS data. Seamless integration between modules ensures efficiency, eliminates duplication of efforts, and provides a closed-loop process for mitigating risks.

  1. Safety reporting, from initial creation of report to facilitation of associated meetings to address safety concerns with Corrective Actions and Recommendations
  2. Management of Audits, Evaluations, Investigations and Inspections that can be associated with respective Findings, Corrective Actions and Recommendations
  3. Safety Risk Management to identify, assess and mitigate operational and organizational risks
  4. Change management for easy identification of changes in key documents and safety manuals from version to version
  5. Seamless interconnectivity between all elements of the platform
  1. Reduce operational costs and increase regulatory and business compliance
  2. Reduce labor with automated operational processes and easy-to-access record keeping
  3. Improve airport safety with proactive detection and mitigation of safety issues
  4. Streamline the entire SMS process

Additional Subject Information

SMS is becoming a global standard in the aviation industry to improve aviation safety. On February 23, 2023, the FAA published a final rule requiring SMS for part 139 certificated airports. The final rule requires certain airports to develop, implement, maintain, and adhere to a safety management system (SMS) to address safety at an organizational level, as part of the FAA’s approach to expand the benefits of SMS in mitigating safety issues. SMS provides a structured framework for decision-making with a process to collect and analyze safety data for increased operational insight. This insight will allow airports to recognize that there are several opportunities to stop an accident and incorporate reactive, proactive and predictive thinking. SMS provides a systematic approach based on four key components, including safety policy, safety risk management, safety promotion, and safety assurance that guide organizations to define processes to improve safety performance.

SMS software can support and streamline safety management processes at airports. SMS software allows airports to capture and distribute real-time safety data to proactively identify hazards and mitigate risks. Robust SMS software provides analytics, allowing airports to retrieve insight from day-to-day operational data to identify potential risks and reduce the likelihood of an occurrence. Flexible SMS software can adapt to the airport’s needs based on its scale of operations, unique business processes, and FAA requirements, as well as accommodate evolving airport and industry needs. With advanced SMS software, airports can seamlessly implement SMS and swiftly refine their processes as needed. Comprehensive SMS software addresses the four key components of SMS software in an integrated platform for seamless connectivity of data, providing a holistic overview of safety data in an enterprise safety management system.


  1. Launch Investigations and SRAs directly from safety reports/events
  2. Link safety reports to investigations and SRAs to eliminate duplication of efforts and increase organizational transparency
  3. Associate Corrective Actions, Findings and Recommendations easily and perform risk assessment at every stage
  4. Consolidate entire SMS process in one system
  1. Disparate data storage and poor data sharing
  2. Difficulty closing the loop on corrective actions and deploying an effective mitigation strategy
  3. Unable to link relevant safety information
  4. Lack of trend-analysis for different departments
  5. Time-consuming process for generating reports

From general aviation airports and regional carriers to large hub airports and major airlines, hundreds of organizations trust ProDIGIQ for their aviation needs.

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