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Operations Forms Module

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Module Details

The Operations Forms Module provides an intuitive solution for easy documentation and management of all operations forms and reports. The Module provides a digital platform that allows airport personnel to access and submit all operations forms in the field on any device, including a tablet, phone, or laptop. In addition, the Module has the capability to incorporate airport-specific business rules and custom workflows to meet the unique needs of each airport. The Module’s dashboard also includes insightful analytics providing information, such as the geographical concentration of reports and statistics on the volume of the most recently submitted forms.

  1. Central repository of all airport forms and reports
  2. Heat mapping capabilities to track concentration of reports submitted
  3. Dashboard analytics with a breakdown of the number of reports submitted each month by category
  4. Built-in advanced search capability to quickly retrieve information by defined parameters
  1. Automate and disseminate all reports in real-time
  2. Automatic time, date and name stamp for each report
  3. Automatic email distribution for all submitted reports to relevant stakeholders
  4. Ability to attach photos, videos and documents to each report

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