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System Details

ProDIGIQ's Operations Management System, SANTORINI, automates critical airport operations, such as Airport Operating Certificate compliance, while reducing labor and associated costs. SANTORINI provides real-time actionable data while automating critical 139 and non-139 processes covering various departments, including operations, maintenance, safety, and security.

SANTORINI covers a wide variety of airport operational needs from airfield inspections and daily operations logs to wildlife hazard management, operations reports, and training tracking. SANTORINI provides unlimited data storage for maintaining complete operational records, including photo, video, and document attachments.

  1. Real-time visibility of operations data and KPIs
  2. Receive system alerts and emails for overdue inspections and other actionable items
  3. Integrated platform for seamless data sharing across all modules
  4. Intuitive and easy-to-use portal allows for management of all operational processes including Part 139 compliance
  1. Improve safety and FAA, ICAO and OSHA compliance with closed-loop accountability and real-time communication
  2. Reduce operational costs by enhancing operational efficiencies and visibility on recurring issues
  3. Reduce time spent in conducting and managing day-to-day airport operations
  4. Increase airport safety by proactively managing airport operational processes

Additional Subject Information

In airport operations, there are typically two to three different areas to manage: Airside, Landside, and when not already incorporated into Landside, Terminal Operations. Having a system to manage all airport operational data is critical to organizational efficiency. Centralizing airport operations into one system provides a holistic view of how different facets of operations are working as a whole. Additionally, having a central operations system has other benefits such as cost reduction from not just reducing the amount of solutions needed from multiple different vendors, but also from being able to make data-driven decisions in all facets of airport operations.

  1. Ability to make data-driven decisions to improve operational efficiencies
  2. Real-time visibility into day-to-day operations from predictive tasks such as inspections to unfolding events such as aircraft alerts
  3. Easy retrieval of submitted data from a central repository
  4. Cost reduction through proper allocation of resources
  5. Deeper understanding of operations through trend analysis and data analytics
  1. Airport is unable to view operational trends easily
  2. Inability to easily access FAA required inspections and reports
  3. Inefficient or manual process of tracking operations logs, tasks, events and reports
  4. Issues with effectively and efficiently communicating with operations staff

From general aviation airports and regional carriers to large hub airports and major airlines, hundreds of organizations trust ProDIGIQ for their aviation needs.

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