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Lease Management System

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System Details

ProDIGIQ’s Lease Management System, MYKONOS, provides quick retrieval of lease information for forecasting, planning, and reporting purposes to maximize property management efficiency. MYKONOS facilitates the management of all leases, including Airlines, Parking, Car Rentals, Concessions, Fixed-Base Operators (FBOs) and Hangars.

MYKONOS equips the user with increased insight on airport asset utilization and proactive planning for lease renewals, new leases, rent increases and lease negotiations. The intuitive web portal, simple graphical interface, and hands-on training enables the user to become proficient with the system quickly. Additionally, MYKONOS includes dashboard analytics with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and can be integrated with accounting and ERP systems.

MYKONOS allows airports to effectively manage plots and properties effectively with cutting-edge mapping capabilities. MYKONOS also facilitates the management of concessions and tenant revenue tracking. MYKONOS allows for the tracking, generation, and dissemination of tenant invoices and tracking of utility information. The System can also track aeronautical and carrier activity, such as internal operations, activity by location, arrivals, departures, and passenger count data. MYKONOS automatically alerts relevant stakeholders of expiring insurances, leases, and other pertinent information to increase oversight and ensure compliance.

  1. Repository of lease terms, plots, insurance, security, rent, maintenance obligations, and monthly reports
  2. Archive and extract communication about a lease record
  3. Waitlist feature to keep track of interest list for lease types with quick conversion to lease record
  4. Mass rent increase feature for CPI adjustments based on lease types or tenant groups
  5. Effectively track and manage lease utilities
  6. Easily track aeronautical activity data
  7. Track carrier activity data such as arrivals, departures and passenger counts
  8. Streamlined tenant and concessions revenue reporting
  1. Quick retrieval of lease information for forecasting, planning, and reporting
  2. Increased insight on airport asset utilization and lessee insurance compliance
  3. Proactive planning for lease renewal, new leases, and lease negotiation
  4. Track tenant and airport hangar improvements
  5. Cutting-edge mapping capabilities for effective property and plot management
  6. Automated alerts for enhanced compliance management
  7. Advanced invoicing capabilities
  8. Seamlessly procure solution through GSA Schedule

Additional Subject Information

As expressed in the article High Tech Strategies for Lease Management, “Necessary tenant information includes the type of plane, amount of rent, payment dates, and current proof-of-insurance.” Keeping track of all of these data points becomes overwhelming when utilizing paper processes and spreadsheets.

“Multiply all that by 200 or 300 hangars, and the task becomes daunting for smaller airports with limited staff and budgets.” Even some Software Solutions are so unintuitive that they end up creating more problems than they solve.

An intuitive lease management system can instantly provide a solution to these challenges by enabling an organization to maintain a repository of lease terms, insurance, securities, rent, monthly reports, and other pertinent information that can be easily retrieved.

  1. Centralized repository of leasing information saves airports time when finding information on a specific lease agreement due to mapping features, and document storage
  2. From sending automatic alerts about expiring insurances and leases to generating custom reports and more, MYKONOS has a significant positive impact in streamlining airport operations
  3. Analytics and alerts for expiring leases, insurance or securities, etc. reduces the chance that an airport misses overdue payments, monthly reports, and maintenance
  4. By switching over to lease management software, airports can increase oversight for all leases
  1. Airport staff is consuming too much time managing and tracking lease information
  2. Not receiving updated information about upcoming expiring leases for future planning
  3. Difficulty finding and exporting tenant insurance information
  4. Unable to ensure all tenant documentation is unexpired at a glance

From general aviation airports and regional carriers to large hub airports and major airlines, hundreds of organizations trust ProDIGIQ for their aviation needs.

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