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Landing Fee Management System

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System Details

SKYROS' Landing Fee Management System (LFMS) provides an intuitive interface for the automation and streamlined management of the landing fee billing process. LMFS captures and distributes all fees owed by airlines for landing at the airport, increasing transparency between airports and airlines. LFMS allows airports to easily adjust fees, impose additional fees for late payments, and archive previously paid fees for record keeping. LFMS provides the assurance that all landing fees are reported accurately and on time. With advanced reporting capabilities, LMFS can generate activity and revenue reports on signatory and non-signatory carriers at the push of a button to increase fiduciary accountability and revenue predictability.

  1. Access monthly revenue figures based on flight activity and RON reports
  2. Automate landing fee management process
  3. Generate automatic standard monthly landing fee statements for each carrier
  4. Analyze and identify revenue discrepancies from airline self-reports
  1. Maximize revenue and increase transparency of landing fee revenue stream
  2. Reduce administrative burdens on personnel and associates
  3. Increased visibility into planned vs actual landing fee collections
  4. Generate standard and custom reports to increase fiduciary accountability and revenue predictability

Additional Subject Information

Airports charge airlines fees for landing at their airport. Landing fees are a great source of revenue for airports, but landing fee management can be time-consuming and laborious for airport personnel. Some airports may use a manual process to capture all landing fee revenue which is inefficient and prone to error. Airports might miss billing some flights due to heavy flight volume and limited availability of personnel. There might also be errors in assigning fees to the appropriate airline. A comprehensive software can automate the landing fee management process. Airports can use a landing fee management system to ensure that airlines are being billed. With the system in place, airlines can rest assured that they are only paying their fair share. A streamlined landing fee management process will relieve airport personnel of this cumbersome process, increase transparency, and maximize revenue.

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