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System Details

ProDIGIQ's FIDS-BIDS-GIDS solution, SKYROS, includes the Content Management System (CMS) which provides an intuitive platform for the management of content displayed on FIDS, BIDS, GIDS and Digital Signage Displays throughout an airport. SKYROS' Content Management System is equipped with premium built-in layout formats for simple placement of content and marketing messages and also supports the creation of custom layouts. SKYROS’ CMS can adapt to all airport display configurations and is compatible with all major display panels, sizes, and orientations. The CMS supports various formats such as dedicated arrivals/departures per display and arrivals/departures spillage to a second display. Additionally, the CMS allows for the customization of font, color, text size, and number of flights displayed to meet specific aesthetic needs of the airport.

  1. Flexible content layouts for a variety of display options
  2. User-friendly design to allow for quick changes to advertisements or images shown on displays
  3. Compatible with all major display panels, sizes and orientations
  1. Create eye-catching displays by adjusting display layouts for advertisements and images
  2. Remotely publish and manage content on multiple screens from any location
  3. Customize screen configurations to meet specific aesthetic needs easily

Additional Subject Information

Digital signage has streamlined and improved how airports and airlines communicate with passengers. Airport digital signage solutions, including Flight Information Displays (FIDS), Baggage Information Displays (BIDS), and Gate Information Displays (GIDS) deliver critical, real-time information to passengers electronically, including arrival and departure time, baggage carousel assignments and gate assignments. Digital signage can even be used to generate revenue through advertisements.

Content management is a key feature airports should consider in a FIDS, BIDS and GIDS system. An innovative FIDS, BIDS and GIDS system offers airports the flexibility to manage what content is published and how it is being displayed. Airports should be able to make any changes to content as needed to provide passengers with the most up-to-date information. The system should support various data formats, allowing airports to display rich visuals and multimedia content on their screens. Built-in layouts can be helpful for airports to neatly organize information, but the system should also support creation of custom layouts. Most importantly, the system should be scalable to support publishing of content across all screen sizes and orientation.

From general aviation airports and regional carriers to large hub airports and major airlines, hundreds of organizations trust ProDIGIQ for their aviation needs.

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