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System Details

ProDIGIQ's comprehensive digital signage solution, SKYROS, includes the Flight Information Display System (FIDS), Baggage Information Display System (BIDS), and Gate Information Display System (GIDS). SKYROS is an integrated, configurable, and scalable Multi-Use Flight Information Display System (MUFIDS) solution that supports the unique operations of all airports. SKYROS enables airports to deliver critical information to passengers, including real-time status of flights, gate numbers, and baggage carousel numbers. SKYROS has built-in intelligence to automatically populate the daily schedules as well as add any new flights or airline services. This automated process for sourcing and displaying real-time flight information minimizes time-consuming and error-prone manual entry. For last-minute flight status, time and gate changes, airports can use SKYROS' intuitive, web-based flight portal to easily make any changes on a computer or mobile device. SKYROS is also equipped with Visual Paging for general announcements, passenger paging, and emergency notifications with custom visual cues to increase noticeability of messages.

Entirely managed and maintenance-free, this system is remotely monitored 24/7/365. SKYROS relieves the airport from maintaining this critical service and is the preferred choice for airports seeking an end-to-end MUFIDS solution.

  1. Real-time data feed integration with FAA, airlines, Global Distribution Systems (GDS), and hub airports
  2. Temporary airline access to override real-time flight information via a computer or mobile device
  3. Kiosk-mode capability for baggage handlers to make belt changes using an easy-to-use mobile interface
  4. Flight-specific wheelchair requests, charter flights, and codeshare information
  5. Access control capability to limit passenger paging and emergency messaging based on user privileges
  1. Real-time data feed integration with FAA, airlines, Global Distribution Systems (GDS), and hub airports
  2. Integrated solution with Visual Paging, Emergency Announcements, and Marketing Messages
  3. Customizable templates with flight information and date and time widgets
  4. Custom screen display to meet airport’s needs and aesthetics, including font, color, text size and number of flights displayed
  5. Integration with airport's website to provide accurate, consistent data on all platforms

Additional Subject Information

Digital signage has transformed how airports communicate with passengers. Digital signage software, also known as Multi-Use Flight Information Display System (MUFIDS) for airports, streamlines and improves dissemination of up-to-date information to passengers. MUFIDS is a vital aspect of the passenger experience at airports, as they are the main resource for way-finding at airports. MUFIDS' easy-to-read, dynamic displays deliver key flight information for passengers to easily navigate the airport. This allows the airport to control the flow of passenger traffic and maximize available space. Airports can also use MUFIDS to generate revenue opportunities through advertising.

MUFIDS consists of various information display systems, such as Flight Information Display System (FIDS), Gate Information Display System (GIDS), and Baggage Information Display System (BIDS). FIDS is a standard in airports, displaying essential, real-time flight information, including airlines, arrivals, departures, flight number, flight time and flight status. GIDS provides real-time gate information, such as weather, aircraft arrival, boarding, and other information that is specific to flights operating at a particular gate. GIDS can also be used to inform passengers of delays, gate changes and upgrade lists. BIDS relay carousel numbers for passengers to collect their baggage. Airports can also use BIDS internally to help baggage handlers deliver bags efficiently to the appropriate carousels.

  1. Configurable MUFIDS interface to allow for changes to display templates
  2. Emergency paging capabilities that improve airport communications in critical situations
  3. Ability to create visual marketing campaigns to increase revenue
  4. Intuitive user interface which allows airport personnel to easily interact with the system
  1. Enhancement of the passenger experience by providing passengers with real-time data
  2. Capability of implementing advertising and marketing campaigns utilizing MUFIDS displays
  3. Increased advertising revenue by leveraging digital media vs. static advertising boards
  4. Enhancement of airport terminal appearance

From general aviation airports and regional carriers to large hub airports and major airlines, hundreds of organizations trust ProDIGIQ for their aviation needs.

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