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ARFF Management System

Training Module

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Module Details

ProDIGIQ's Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) Management System, PATMOS, includes the ARFF Training Module which provides a centralized repository of all ARFF training courses and records for effective management of regulatory and organizational training requirements. Airports have the ability to create ARFF-specific training topics, attach supplemental material to courses, and create exams for training to meet FAA, national, state and organizational ARFF training requirements. The ARFF Training Module's comprehensive tracking capabilities allow airports to access all training details, including training courses, exam scores, completion date, expiration date, etc. Airports can filter this data to track records by individual or departmental performance. The ARFF Training Module features dashboard analytics that allow airport supervisors to instantly access a real-time overview of employee ARFF training records and discrepancies to increase ARFF training compliance. Airports can export data regarding upcoming ARFF training appointments, incomplete or missing ARFF training appointments, and expiring ARFF training with the ARFF Training Module's extensive reporting capabilities.

  1. Centralized repository of all ARFF training courses and records
  2. Dashboard analytics for at-a-glance view of ARFF training compliance, deadlines, future required training, etc.
  3. Advanced search capability with default and customizable search fields
  4. Archive feature to maintain all ARFF training records
  5. Integrated with all other modules in the system
  1. Extensive reporting capability for upcoming ARFF training appointments, incomplete or missing training appointments, etc.
  2. Automatic alerts to notify stakeholders of upcoming training, expiring training and incomplete training
  3. Ability to create ARFF-specific training topics, courses and exams
  4. Attachment feature to upload presentations and supplemental material to ARFF training courses
  5. Comprehensive tracking to capture all relevant details, including ARFF Training courses, exam scores, completion date, expiration date, etc.

Additional Subject Information

14 CFR Part 139.319 (i) requires that each holder of an airport operating certificate ensures that firefighting personnel are properly trained to perform their duties. Airports are responsible for administering training in several topics as required by the FAA, including Airport Familiarization, Aircraft Familiarization, Rescue and Firefighting Personnel Safety, Emergency Communications Systems on the Airport, etc. ARFF firefighters must complete initial ARFF training as well as recurrent and live-fire drill training. Airports can use a comprehensive ARFF Management System to create a robust ARFF training curriculum and track ARFF training compliance for all ARFF personnel to ensure that ARFF personnel have in-depth knowledge of ARFF operations.

FAA ARFF Training Programs

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