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ARFF Management System

Asset Management Module

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Module Details

ProDIGIQ's Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) Management System, PATMOS, includes the ARFF Asset Management Module which provides an intuitive platform for the management of an airport’s ARFF equipment and apparatus, including ARFF vehicles, ARFF rescue gear, extinguishing agents, etc. The ARFF Asset Management Module is integrated with ProDIGIQ's Asset Management System, PAROS, to store a central repository of all ARFF assets. Airports can maintain a detailed profile for each asset with the ability to denote any parts or service schedules as well as attach images and manuals. Airports can schedule preventive maintenance for ARFF vehicles within the ARFF Asset Management Module and track any associated work orders. The ARFF Asset Module is integrated with all other modules in the system for seamless interconnectivity and transfer of data.

  1. Central repository of ARFF equipment and apparatus
  2. Detailed profile of ARFF equipment and apparatus
  3. Attachment feature to include images and manuals for ARFF equipment and apparatus
  4. Integrated with all other modules in the system
  1. Schedule preventive maintenance for ARFF vehicles within the module
  2. View all associated work orders, both scheduled and on-demand
  3. Attach service schedules, images and manuals to assets for reference
  4. Retrieve asset details easily for inspections with integrated modules

Additional Subject Information

Airlines are reliant on airport ARFF departments for a prompt fire rescue during aircraft emergencies. Airport ARFF departments must ensure that they have the proper rescue and firefighting equipment and agents to effectively respond. The FAA assigns an index to each airport based on a combination of the air carrier aircraft length and the average number of daily departures to determine the required number of ARFF vehicles and required amount of extinguishing agents for that airport. It is crucial for airports to meet these minimum requirements as well as continuously maintain equipment in good condition. A manual process to track all ARFF equipments and agents, such as ARFF vehicles, dry chemicals, and foam, is ineffective, laborious and time consuming. A comprehensive ARFF management system allows airports to store a central repository of ARFF equipment and agents and provides a closed loop process for scheduling any necessary maintenance.

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