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Crew Scheduling Module

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Module Details

ProDIGIQ's Flight Operations System, NAXOS, includes the Crew Scheduling Module which provides an intuitive platform for the management of crew schedules, shifts, and requests. Flight crew, managerial staff, and administrative staff have easy access to all schedules, including flight schedules, training schedules, and additional events. The Module provides a global view of line assignments and vacation. The Module includes a Shift Calendar for visibility of assigned shifts, open shifts, added shifts and available on-call pilots. The Module's Duty Hour Monitor tracks the number of hours remaining for the week, month, and year, increasing transparency on crew's actual duty hours. The Crew Scheduling Module also faciliates crew submission of requests for transitions, drops, and sick/fatigue leave. All historical information regarding their schedules and requests is tracked and accessible for reference. Airlines have increased visibility of insights, such as requests statistics, on the Module's dashboard. The Crew Scheduling Module is fully integrated with all other NAXOS modules for seamless interconnectivity and transfer of data.

  1. Enable crew to view schedules, awarded vacation, and other bids
  2. Streamline shift cover requests and applications to pick-up open shifts
  3. Upload and manage flight delays, cancellations, reassignments, and additions to adjust crew schedules accordingly
  4. Manage payroll and timesheets within the system
  5. Track crew's scheduled and actual duty hours
  6. Retrieve crew information, including duty hours, timesheets, pilot schedules, flights and on-call availability
  1. Increased efficiency and reduced costs with resilient crew schedules that withstand day-of operations changes
  2. Automatic alerts to relevant stakeholders of pertinent data
  3. Extensive reporting capability for various KPIs related to crew scheduling
  4. Proactive assistance in covering open lines/shifts
  5. Compliance with FAA electronic record-keeping
  6. Automated scheduling of training events and subsequent adjustment of master pilot schedule
  7. Fully integrated with all other modules in the system

Additional Subject Information

Crew management is one of the highest cost centers for airlines. Airlines have several crew members to manage but limited time and resources to efficiently schedule crew members. This challenge is further complicated by the various factors that must be considered for crew scheduling, such as seniority, crew qualifications, crew preferences, regulatory compliance and internal airline rules. Even after all this is incorporated to create crew schedules, unexpected circumstances such as crew swaps, crew fatigue, flight delays, etc. can impact crew schedules.

Obtaining flight operations software for crew scheduling is crucial to efficient airline operations. Flight operations software can help airlines implement rule-based crew scheduling and assist airlines with crew planning for optimized crew utilization. Flight operations software can help airlines create robust flight crew schedules, allow for the flexibility to propose and adopt a resolution in the event of an unexpected circumstanc, and provide crew with real-time updates of any changes.

From general aviation airports and regional carriers to large hub airports and major airlines, hundreds of organizations trust ProDIGIQ for their aviation needs.

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