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Flight Operations System

Crew Qualifications Module

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Module Details

ProDIGIQ's Flight Operations System (NAXOS) includes the Crew Qualifications Module which provides an intuitive platform for airlines to track all flight crew information, such as training records, crew qualifications, contact information, medical information, and seniority. The Module allows airlines to easily reference crew qualifications and training records to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and internal airline policies. Airlines can also create and configure various incentive programs, such as a shift-pick up program to encourage staff to pick up shifts as needed, which will increase staff engagement and help the airline achieve its goals. The Module provides high-level analytics for increased visibility of pertinent information. The Crew Qualifications Module is fully integrated with all other NAXOS modules for seamless interconnectivity and transfer of data. This integration will particularly streamline the bid awarding process, equipping airlines with easy access to flight crew information.

  1. Track all flight crew information in a central location
  2. Monitor all training requirements to meet regulatory compliance
  3. Maintain a crew seniority list
  4. Manage and create multiple incentive programs with a variety of rules and parameters
  5. Track and visualize where crew members are stationed with map feature
  1. Increased transparency of crew qualification and seniority
  2. Automatic alerts to relevant stakeholders of pertinent information
  3. Well-managed incentive programs to encourage shift pick-ups
  4. High-level analytics with insight for data-driven decision making
  5. Integrated with all other modules in the system

Additional Subject Information

Flight crew are integral to smooth flight operations. Airlines manage a large number of flight crew, including pilots and flight attendants. It is crucial that flight crew have the required training and qualifications to carry out their duties effectively and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements, such as FAA and ICAO. It can be very difficult for airlines to keep track of all this information for all flight crew members. A comprehensive flight operations software can streamline record keeping for all flight crew qualifications, training records, and relevant information. Having this information readily available in a central location will also help airlines award bids fairly and accurately.

Pilot Certification Requirements

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