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Bid Awarding Module

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Module Details

ProDIGIQ's Flight Operations System, NAXOS, includes the Bid Awarding Module which automates the process of awarding crew bids for airlines. The Bid Awarding Module processes all submitted bids and incorporates various rules, such as seniority, regulatory compliance, crew preference, union rules, and the airline's internal business rules to determine the winner(s) of the bids. Airlines can view bids by status, such as new, open, pending, or published. Airlines also have the ability to reassign lines. The Module maintains a repository of historical bid information for querying and reporting purposes. The Bid Awarding Module includes a dashboard with a calendar view of awarded bids and visualization of bid statistics by bid type, status, location, etc. The Bid Awarding module is fully integrated with all other NAXOS modules, including the Crew Bidding Module to pull all submitted bids, for seamless interconnectivity and transfer of data.

  1. View all bids by status
  2. Award bids at the push of a button to reduce time and labor
  3. Incorporate seniority, crew qualifications, crew preference, regulatory compliance, union rules, and internal business rules
  4. Maintain repository of historical bid information for querying and reporting
  1. Automation of bid awarding process
  2. Automatic alerts to relevant stakeholders of pertinent information
  3. Increased personnel confidence in accuracy of bid awards
  4. High-level analytics with insight for data-driven decision making
  5. Integrated with all other modules in the system

Additional Subject Information

Placing a bid is a fairly straightforward process. What makes the bidding process complicated is ensuring fair and accurate bid awards. Most airlines hire a designated crew scheduler or crew planning analyst to review the bids and determine who to award those bids to. The scheduler has to consider seniority, crew preference, regulatory compliance, and union rules. The crew scheduler also has to consider and prepare a schedule that meets the airline's internal business rules, such as hard constraints where pilots must be assigned to specific planes. This process also affects flight scheduling for airlines as they can only finalize flight schedules after the scheduler reviews and awards bids for each line.

Managing the bid awarding process manually or inefficiently through unintuitive systems can burden airline personnel with laborious and time-consuming work and ultimately cost the airport. Procuring an effective software to manage bid awards can provide an airline with substantial cost savings through a streamlined process, as well as improve accuracy by eliminating human error.

Flight operations software have significantly evolved over the years to the point where bid awards and crew schedules can be automatically generated by the software. Flight operations can support rule-based scheduling for cost effective pairing while maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements, union rules, pre-defined crew activities and any internal business rules. Flight operations software can also collect crew bids to incorporate crew preferences and priorities for their schedule. Flight operations software streamlines crew pairing and rostering, eliminates award errors and overtime assignments, and ensures full trip coverage.

From general aviation airports and regional carriers to large hub airports and major airlines, hundreds of organizations trust ProDIGIQ for their aviation needs.

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