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Flight Operations System

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System Details

ProDIGIQ’s Flight Operations System (NAXOS) provides airlines with a robust and intuitive platform to optimize and streamline crew management for increased cost savings, compliance, and crew performance and satisfaction. NAXOS is a comprehensive, real-time, modular flight operations system that includes Crew Scheduling, Crew Bidding, Crew Quals and Bid Awarding modules that enable airlines to plan, schedule, and manage resources for flight operations. NAXOS is a completely flexible and scalable solution to accommodate the airline's specific operational needs. NAXOS facilitates the management of complex crew qualifications, seniority, license renewals, leave, and base transfer requests that can be aggregated and updated at anytime. NAXOS also supports the planning of flight lines for the base stations, crew bidding, and crew assignments based on crew seniority and preference. NAXOS provides real-time information to enable the airline operations to manage and respond efficiently to last minute crew disruptions, swap requests, and crew-related aircraft disruptions on the day of operations. NAXOS can also manage crew pay and allowance, generate reports for accounting, and export data for payroll processing in a variety of formats. NAXOS automatically ensures that all activities entered within the system comply with union and airlines rules as well well as regulations set forth by applicable regulatory authorities, such as the FAA, ICAO, and Transport Canada.

  1. Real-time flight operations portal for crew to bid for work based on seniority, preferences, and qualifications
  2. Facilitation of crew submission for swaps, time-off, and base transfer requests
  3. Real-time visibility of changes in scheduling and crew availability
  4. Alerts feature to notify crew of changes in scheduling and other pertinent information
  5. Analytics dashboard with key performance indicators and metrics with drill-down capability
  6. Configurable dashboard for different types of users and varying access levels
  7. Standard and custom reports for future planning
  8. Administrative privileges for efficient flight operations and crew scheduling to meet business objectives
  1. Access a centralized online flight operations portal to plan, schedule, and manage complex flight and crew operations
  2. Consolidate all aspects of crew management, including crew qualifications, training, bidding, scheduling, and payroll processing, in one solution
  3. Increase personnel engagement with intuitive interface
  4. Increase personnel confidence in accuracy of crew bidding and crew scheduling awards
  5. Improve crew utilization and operational efficiency
  6. Eliminate duplication of efforts
  7. Ensure compliance with applicable rules and regulations
  8. Utilize a flexible and scalable solution to facilitate evolving flight operations

Additional Subject Information

Flight operations are one of the highest cost centers for an airline. Flight operations software can help airlines optimize resource utilization for efficient flight operations at reduced costs. Airlines can particularly benefit from an end-to-end flight operations system that streamlines crew management, one of the most complex aspects of flight operations. Airlines hire a large number of crew members and must ensure that they are managing crew effectively. Crew management involves facilitating crew input for bid requests, vacation, swaps, etc. based on seniority, preference and qualifications to create a fair schedule for all crew members, as well as ensuring proper trip coverage. Flight operations software must be flexible to accomodate these requests in addition to unexpected circumstances and disruptions, such as flight delays, sick crew members or last-minute crew swaps. Flight operations software must also ensure compliance with crew regulations, such as the FAA's Flightcrew Member Duty and Rest Requirements and ICAO's Minimum Cabin Requirements.

Procuring effective flight operations software for crew management can provide an airline with substantial cost savings by automating and streamlining the process, as well as improve accuracy by eliminating human error. Reporting, automatic alerting, and analytics can provide airlines with operational insights for decision making and also significantly improve communication.

ICAO Minimum Cabin Crew Requirements

  1. Automated and streamlined crew management
  2. Optimized crew scheduling
  3. Reduction of labor and associated labor costs
  4. Accomodation of real-world conditions
  1. Manual process that is laborious and time consuming
  2. Duplication of efforts for flight operations processes
  3. Failure to respond effectively to crew and flight disruptions
  4. Poor crew planning and scheduling

From general aviation airports and regional carriers to large hub airports and major airlines, hundreds of organizations trust ProDIGIQ for their aviation needs.

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