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Module Details

The Scheduling Module provides an intuitive platform to manage training schedules and meetings. The Module streamlines the scheduling process by supporting internal business workflows and facilitating the efficient utilization of resources. Using built-in business rules, including but not limited to, company policies, labor agreements, resource constraints and available scheduling hours, the Module has the capability to automatically and effectively schedule personnel training. In addition, the Module provides alerts that make the user aware of any conflicts in the proposed schedules. The Module also allows the user to preview schedule changes, with notifications to potential conflicts, before publishing. When changes are published, the Module will send out automated alerts of these changes to the appropriate stakeholders. Fully integrated with all modules in SIROS, the Scheduling Module accesses needed information from all other modules eliminating duplication of efforts.

  1. Automatically schedule trainings using built-in business rules
  2. Intuitive platform to effectively manage scheduled trainings and meetings
  3. Define constraints such as qualified instructors, teaching spaces, equipment and any other required resources that are tied to trainings
  4. Automatic alerts to schedule conflicts utilizing built in organizational business rules
  5. Preview proposed schedule changes with alerts to conflicts before publication
  1. Create efficient schedules that maximize utilization of resources
  2. Automatic alerts notify relevant stakeholders to changes made in the schedule
  3. Fully integrated with all other modules in the system

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