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Advanced Qualification Program

Records & Qualification Tracking Module

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Module Details

The Records and Qualification Tracking Module provides a centralized repository of all training records and associated employee qualifications for effective management of an airline’s Advanced Qualification Program (AQP). The Module captures and stores training records including but not limited to Certification of Training, training events, validations and evaluation forms. Additionally the Module stores and tracks qualification information for all relevant departments and stakeholders that require qualification monitoring. With its extensive reporting capabilities, the Module also allows users to create and export a variety of Standard and Custom reports. Additionally, this Module is integrated with all other modules in the system to eliminate duplication of efforts.

  1. Centralized repository of all records and qualification data
  2. Dashboard analytics for at-a-glance view of training KPIs
  3. Reporting capability to pull needed record/qualification data at the push of a button
  4. Configurable and automated training and qualification alerts
  1. Ability to allow personnel to upload copies of their certificates and licenses for streamlined record keeping
  2. Automatic alerts at the individual and managerial level for various business thresholds
  3. High level analytics provide user with insight for data-driven decision making
  4. Highly configurable module to build in organization’s business rules
  5. Fully integrated with all other modules in the system

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