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System Details

ProDIGIQ’s Gate Management System (THERA) provides airports with a robust yet intuitive platform to efficiently manage the gate assignment process as well as optimize the use of gates for increased profitability. THERA enables airports to articulate the prevailing operational requirements, including airline preferential gates, hard constraints, adjacency rules, and gate utilization preferences. The intuitive web portal, simple graphical interface, and hands-on training enables users to understand how to use THERA effectively in a short amount of time.

THERA enables airports to proactively manage gate overlap and adjacency rule violations with visual cues and alerts. THERA is also configured to meet the specific needs of each airport and enables them to keep pace with the increasingly demanding airport business.

THERA Overview

  • Define hard constraints including physical dimensions of gates and federal requirements for international flights
  • Articulate time and space adjacency rules such as buffer between flights, allowed aircraft equipment and space constraints for adjacent gates
  • Optimize gate usage with preferential gate for signatory carriers, airline-specific preferences, and common-use gate assignments
  • Integrate with real-time flight data feed to optimize gate usage and proactively make adjustments based on last-minute flight changes

Key Benefits

  • Automatic gate assignments based on preferences and rules
  • Ability to simulate gate assignment scenarios before being published
  • Adjust gate schedules easily with automatic notification to key airport and airline personnel
  • Advanced search options allow for quick adjustments to flights by carrier, gate and flight number

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Additional Subject Information

To optimize gate utilization, airports follow certain general guidelines. Determining whether the incoming flight is scheduled or irregular operations, domestic or international, and whether or not the flight is signatory or non-signatory, are examples of general rules airports take into account in making gate assignments. Although these guidelines pertain to most airports, each airport may have different business rules that are unique to their airline agreements and flight operations. Software for Gate Management has helped to streamline and enhance the gate assignment process. However, to fully automate and enhance an airport’s unique gate management processes, these systems should be easily configured to suit an airport’s rules and be adaptable as the airport’s needs change over time.

Benefits of Gate Management

  • Enhance communication between the airport and airlines regarding gate assignments and any changes, especially on day of operations
  • Improve airports’ passenger travel experience with less time spent on the tarmac waiting for a gate
  • Provide airlines with cost savings by minimizing the time aircraft spends waiting for a gate
  • Detect potential issues in real-time, by monitoring aircraft scheduling and delays
  • Allocate resources effectively by identifying conflicts and reporting discrepancies proactively

Signs That an Airport Needs Gate Management Software

  • Manual process for gate allocation that is time intensive and requires re-work if there are changes
  • Communication regarding changed gate assignments and other discrepancies are disjointed
  • Challenges with monitoring how many gates are available and how well they are utilized
  • Need to minimize the amount of time aircraft spend waiting for a gate assignment upon landing
  • Challenges in monitoring real-time flight schedules of inbound and outbound aircraft
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