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ARFF Management System

Inspection Module

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Module Details

ProDIGIQ's Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) Management System, PATMOS, includes the ARFF Inspection Module which automates ARFF inspections for safety, operational and FAA compliance. Airports can easily conduct required ARFF Inspections, such as fire extinguisher, hydrant, and fuel inspections, with the Module's intuitive interface. The ARFF Inspection Module is accessible on a mobile device for inspectors to easily fill out forms, replacing manual record-keeping with an integrated digital solution. The ARFF Inspection Module automatically creates a work order for recorded discrepancies and carries them over to subsequent ARFF inspections until that discrepancy is addressed and resolved. ARFF inspections can be archived and easily retrieved for reference.

  1. Customized inspection forms to meet airport-specific needs
  2. Automatic creation of work order from recorded discrepancy
  3. Standard and Custom reporting capabilities to easily retrieve and export historical inspection data
  4. Integrated with all other modules in the system
  1. Reduce costs by automating ARFF inspection processes and record keeping
  2. Reduce costs by automating ARFF inspection processes and record keeping
  3. Fill out inspections in a mobile capacity
  4. Improve safety and FAA ARFF compliance with closed-loop accountability and real-time communication

Additional Subject Information

Inspections are crucial to ARFF operations at airports. Airports must complete inspections of ARFF vehicles, hydrants, suppression apparatus, extinguishers, reserve foam, etc. to ensure that all ARFF equipment and resources meet the necessary standards. Inspectors must be thoroughly check that all equipment is in satisfactory condition and response-ready. Inspectors should also be able to address unsatisfactory conditions immediately. A manual process for inspections is time-consuming, laborious, and ineffective. A comprehensive ARFF Management System can aid airports by automating inspections and providing a closed-loop process for addressing unsatisfactory conditions.

ICAO/FAA Workshop on ARFF Inspection

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