Grand Forks Airport

Grand Forks Airport serves 219,062 people annually, including passengers and meeters/greeters. ProDIGIQ's TVs, ProDIGIQ's TVs, strategically located at the departure gates, are the exclusive source of real-time flight information for passengers.

TV Locations & Information

There are a total of 14 displays availible for advertising; 4 Airport TV Network TVs, 4 Digital Flight Information Displays, 4 Digital Signage Displays at Baggage Claim Area and 2 Digital Signage Displays at Airline Check-in Area. The 4 Airport TV Network TVs are located in the seating areas on the second floor. The 4 Digital Flight Information Displays are located at the airport entrances and on the second floor.

Maximizing Targetability

ProDIGIQ's TV Network is tied to the flight schedules, allowing you to play specific ads for receptive and interested audiences at the gates that match your target demographic. Precisely choosing your audience and time will significantly increase your advertising ROI.

Innovative Advertising & Entertainment

ProDIGIQ's Airport TV Network enhances passengers' travel experience as they wait to board their flights at the departure gates. During significant wait times at departure gates, passengers watch ProDIGIQ for
- Flight Status
- Breaking News
- Sports
- Weather
- Business News

Passengers spend 120 minutes, on average, waiting at the airport. 60% of the passengers are leisure and 40% are business travelers. 55% of GFK passengers are male and 45% female. Majority of passengers flying out of GFK are in the age group of 35-54 years, a much sought after demographic.